Welcome to the Gabriela Imreh Piano Institute

Acclaimed concert pianist Gabriela Imreh has called New Jersey her home for over 20 years. In the fall of 2013 she will open her own piano institute offering an innovative curriculum that brings her artistic mastery to people of all ages and levels of expertise. The brilliance and passion of her playing before many thousands, her supportive and inspiring master classes, her winning teaching style based on commitment and support for her students, and her ground-breaking textbook about musical memory, will be shared with residents of the tri-state area in an inspiring series of lectures, classes, and private lessons.


Gabriela Imreh's Piano Institute offers:


  • A series of interactive musical lectures for adults. Learn the basics about piano performance, listen to the great masters and find out how their careers were shaped by their personal struggles, discover the treasures (well known or lost) of piano repertoire, have a forum to play for your peers and develop strategies to improve you own performance and practice.


  •  Limited private studio for gifted and advanced students accepted by audition only. Annual  end of the year recitals in Carnegie Hall and debut recording for 3 top prodigies on “Arabesque Records”, the prestigious label which exclusively distributes Ms. Imreh’s solo albums ad will coordinate the project.


  • Private lessons on SKYPE. Offering the Skype alternative, Gabriela Imreh introduces a modern approach to teaching through the use of technology. Students, even classes can be linked to the teacher from their homes, parents are freed of the burden of traveling long distance and waiting, yet they can still participate and follow the student’s progress. Students have the opportunity to play for each other and have a sense of community, develop connections missing from the one to one instruction, can benefit from hearing their peers play and turn the first chance of performing in front of others into a low impact, positive experience in preparation for public performance and competitions.


  • Comprehensive, detailed evaluations for students of all ages, including pre-school, designed to recognize and detect exceptional talent and aptitudes early and structured recommendations and follow-ups at any level.


  • Exclusive individual master classes offered to young professional musicians, advanced students preparing for state, national or international competitions or important upcoming performances to polish their program. Have the advice of a concert and recording artist with a lifetime of hands on experience and knowledge of the widest and most difficult repertoire.


  • Introductory class for beginners. A fun and exciting way to introduce anyone to piano and music, an excellent trial/transition experience before deciding to move to the next level and invest in private lessons.

  • Concert Workshops on  everything piano: from buying the right instrument to finding the right teacher for your child to developing strategies to overcome difficulties musicians and students experience: stage fright, memory, loss of interest in music, injuries, using the most recent research in expert memory to improve memory in general, music as therapy and a source of healing for mind and body, a chance to meet and hear the best teachers and musicians in New Jersey and the extended area.


If interested, please call: 609-571-3203.




Excerpt from Rachmaninoff's Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini with Copenhagen's Tivoli Festival Orchestra (Live)

​“A question I am asked often is what method I teach? My answer is: I don’t teach a method, I teach a student, an individual. Each one is totally different and I can and will adapt to their needs and personality, even more, nurture and help develop their individuality. The basics are the same but the approach to each one could be miles apart. More than anything I do understand how lonely and isolated a child, or anyone can feel when practicing, understand the complex demands set on today’s students, so I take great care to teach them to use their practice well rather than setting arbitrary practice times, to be efficient, goal oriented, to solve problems and not in the least: to enjoy practicing. I try to inspire, to nourish their love for music, for the arts, in the belief that by studying music they will acquire lifelong benefits, find unique balance and satisfactions in their lives.


I was very fortunate to be selected to study in a Performing Arts School from the time I was 5 years old. Romanian music schools were modeled on the Russian system: they were demanding, intense, multifaceted and extremely competitive. The benefits were tremendous. Based on the concept that the best of teachers should be assigned to the youngest students (because at that age they are defenseless and need every bit of expertise) they established from the start a good foundation which allowed for training to proceed at a fast pace and smoothly, without backtracking in order to correct bad habits or to make up for the lack of good ones. While I admire and appreciate the quality and high level of this elite kind of training, it seems like an unrealistic approach to teaching music here. So I try to keep true to the same high standards but I apply them, adapt them to the world we live in.


My performing and recording career put huge demands on my time and energy in the past. When I knew I couldn’t offer my students the continuity, the kind of care and dedication I believe in I scaled down on my teaching. I still taught master classes at all levels, all over the world, gave lectures to teachers, mentored people of all ages, but all along I was dreaming, waiting for a chance to start my own “school” where I could broadly connect with students, musicians, young artists or even adults with a love for piano and music, to be able to share the wide experience and expertise I developed over a lifetime as an artist. This is that chance and I invite you to join me to see the difference a master teacher can make. Music is powerful, and by channeling it we can and will change your life to become richer and more fulfilling”.

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